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World News

  • Important Update

    Dear TPM Clients,

    As you all know, the effects of coronavirus (COVID-19) have accelerated what is now a precipitous decline in equities. Access to liquidity in the markets has become an issue, and all asset classes are being affected - including precious metals. This historic turn of events has created a demand shock in the physical precious metals industry. Following years of slow to moderate sales following the Greek crisis in 2015, the entire industry has been cautious to build large inventories. This includes the United States Mint, which experienced a terrible production decline of Silver American Eagles, down to only 14.9M ounces minted in 2019.

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  • Liquidity Crisis Accelerates and Hits Metals Hard

    The sell off in markets accelerated by coronavirus and the global reaction to curtail the pandemic has left no prisoners, as nearly all asset classes are selling off in a flight to liquidity. As large institutions face margin calls, they are forced to close positions or raise cash by selling anything and everything that is liquid. Gold and silver - the “safe haven” assets - are no exception. I would remind readers that in the global financial crisis gold fell 27% and silver fell 55% in nominal terms. Gold outperformed equities on a relative basis, but silver actually underperformed.

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  • Coronavirus Update | 3-9-2020

    Dear TPM Customers,

    As a health and safety precaution we will be closing our client lounge for the next thirty days. If you wish to purchase or sell metals, please contact our trading desk at 361-594-3624. We will either ship items we sell to you or arrange shipment for items we buy back from clients.

    Texas Precious Metals Depository will remain open for clients to retrieve or drop off contents during this time. We appreciate your understanding.

  • The World Gold Council has released it 1st Quarter report on global demand trends. From the press release:

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