If we don't have it, we don't sell it.

We ship orders no later than three (3) business days from receipt of payment*. We are the only precious metals dealer that promises that commitment. Our motto is: "If we don't have it, we don't sell it." Our business philosophy is strict and logistically quite difficult given the high security of bullion transport and packaging. We firmly believe in the importance of expedited order processing because of the high level of trust our customers place in our company.

As an example, if you were to place your order on a Monday, and we received payment the same day, your package would ship no later than Thursday of the same week (and likely sooner). We ship all packages via UPS or FedEx. Shipping Policies

Many dealers, during the ordinary course of business, sell their current demand forward, meaning they will sell product they do not have, expecting to pull from future deliveries. (Capital constraints are often a restrictive factor in inventory management). The practice of selling demand forward becomes particularly widespread during periodic shortages, when suppliers place dealers on "allocation" and restrict purchases. At Texas Precious Metals we choose not to conduct business this way. Although rare, it has happened in the past that we have no product left to sell on our website, and we are forced to turn aside business. Nevertheless, we would rather sell nothing than sell what we do not have. No one can predict the future.

Our vault staff works extremely hard to meet the most stringent shipping guidelines in the industry. I am constantly reminded how grateful we are to their professionalism and dedication.

Tarek Saab
President, Texas Precious Metals

*During long holiday breaks, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's, please note that we do "hold" packages from shipping on certain days for security reasons (packages lingering in sort facilities around holidays pose higher security risks). We believe this grace period is in the customer's best interest, and could potentially impact the 3-day shipping window slightly.