How can I sign up to pay by Electronic Check (ACH)?

We stopped accepting physical checks in early 2020. Since that time we have been allowing clients to pay by Electronic Check (ACH). Our Electronic Check (ACH) registration process is now available entirely online. Please refer to the instructions below to see how you can register today.

**If you registered for ACH Prior to 4-16-2021, we are working to load your existing information into our new system. We expect to have that process complete by June of 2021. If you do not see your previously registered account during checkout, there is no need to re-send any documentation. Simply click the "New Account" button, key in your routing and account number during checkout as shown below, and ignore the "Choose File" buttons. If you still have questions or require assistance, please contact us.**


During checkout, you will select ACH as your payment method.


At this point you may either select a previously registered account from the dropdown or you may click the "NEW ACCOUNT" button to register a new ACH account. For this example, we will be adding a new account.

**If you registered using the old paper document prior to 4-18-2021 and you do not see your account in the dropdown, you may move forward without selecting an account or adding a new account. Proceed to step 4.**


  1. Type your bank account, routing, and a nickname for your account into the appropriate fields.
  2. Upload images of a valid government issued photo ID and a voided check.
    *If you do not have a check, you may substitute a photo or screenshot of part of your bank statement where it displays your account number and name.*
  3. Click the circle to confirm that you have read and approve our Terms And Conditions.
  4. Click the "Save" button to save and submit your information.

*If you do not have photos or scans available during checkout, you may skip the file upload section during checkout. However, we will not be able to complete your payment until you provide that information. You may send the images/scans to us via email, text-message to 361-594-3624, or file upload at the following link: FILE UPLOAD*


  1. Enter credit card information for a 5% authorization hold. This is not a charge to your card, it is simply a temporary hold similar to when you reserve a hotel room. When your payment clears in our system, we will release the hold, and it will fall off your card (typically 1-3 days).
  2. Click the "Continue" button to proceed to the next page of the checkout, and your ACH registration is complete


  1. Click the "Bank Information" link in your online account to view your ACH accounts on-file
  2. Edit or Delete your registered accounts
  3. Add new ACH accounts by clicking the "Add New Bank Account" button