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We now offer long term storage solutions at CNT Depository Inc. for individual investors as well as IRA customers. Texas Precious Metals maintains a formal partnership with CNT Depository, a state-of-the-art facility we use to store and ship much of our high-volume government minted products.

CNT Depository Inc. is a COMEX-approved storage facility. CNT Inc. is Patron Member of the IPMI (International Precious Metals Institute) and the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association). Both CNT Inc. and CNT Depository Inc. are 100% insured by Lloyd's of London.

  • Why CNT depository?

    • 100% insured by lloyd's of london
    • Comex approved
    • no outsourced security
    • fully allocated & segregated storage

Why CNT depository?

  • 100% incured by lloyd's of london
  • Comex approved
  • no outsourced security
  • fully allocated & segregated storage

what are some of the advantages of storing with cnt depository?

Unlike safety deposit boxes (and unlike many other depositories), all precious metals stored at CNT Depository are 100% insured against all physical loss, damage, theft, or other liability. Their insurance provider is Lloyd's of London.

Since they are a privately owned facility, they are not subject to the same limitations imposed upon banking institutions by the US government. Furthermore, since they do not lend, there is no risk of a "run on the depository" like there is with a bank.

CNT Depository does not contract out any of our storage or security. They store all of your assets in their own highly secured facility. These assets are fully segregated, and remain constantly under our direct protection. Security (both internal and external) is our highest priority.

CNT Depository is a COMEX-approved silver depository. Only 6 facilities worldwide have obtained COMEX certification, and these facilities are highly-scrutinized, monitored, and must meet or exceed the most stringent security requirements in the world.

CNT Depository prides itself on the service they provide to their customers. They take great care of their clients. They provide accurate, efficient, safe procedures to allow you to focus on your life while they focus on the security of your assets.

CNT Depository authenticates all products entering their facility. Their trained, veteran staff inspects each item entering your account for both accuracy and authenticity. They do not store boxes "said to contain" a certain amount of metal. They inspect everything. This added level of security offers each customer peace of mind knowing that his assets have been duly examined at each step of the process.

Frequently asked questions

Their facility and the assets it holds are 100% insured against all physical loss, theft, damage, or other liability by Lloyds of London. They do not outsource any of their storage. Therefore, they are able to certify at all times that you are receiving the highest quality protection.

No. CNT Depository offers only segregated storage. From the moment your precious metals enter their facility, you can be certain your holdings remain segregated at all times.

CNT Depository provides an accounting statement at the end of each billing cycle. Additionally, each transaction is accompanied by a certificate of receipt and an inventory update. If at any time you wish to have an account update sent to you, customer service will be happy to provide that information.

If you wish to inspect your holdings in person, you are free to make an appointment to do so. We are also happy to conduct real-time audits through a secure internet connection. (Please note that there is a small fee associated with these services).

CNT Depository stores all types of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins, bars, or rounds.

Clients must first contact customer service and complete the shipping request document. CNT Depository will gladly help you organize shipment to your desired location or prepare your metals for pick up at their facility. The standard handling fee is $15 package plus all applicable insurance, postage, and/or other courier costs. These costs are dependent on destination and value of the product being shipped.

For inquiries related to buying or selling precious metals, please contact Texas Precious Metals at 361-594-3624.

For more information, please contact CNT Depository at: