1. Dec 16th - Last Day to Order For Christmas Delivery

    Texas Precious Metals 2022 End-of-Year Schedule

    Last Day To Order For Delivery By Christmas!

    Friday, December 16th


    Please note that this is just an estimation. Shipping services (UPS , USPS, FedEx, etc.) experience overwhelming volumes in the month of December. Shipping delays should be expected.

    ACH payments can take up to 2-3 days to process from the time we receive/verify your ACH documents.

    *During holiday breaks please note that we do "hold" packages from shipping on certain days for security reasons (packages lingering in sort facilities around holidays pose higher security risks). We believe this grace period is in the customer's best interest, and could potentially impact the 3-day shipping window slightly.

    2022 End-of-Year Schedule


    • Monday, December 19th: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM CST
    • Tuesday, December 20th: 8:00 AM -
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  2. 2022 Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule

    2022 Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule

    *During holiday breaks please note that we do "hold" packages from shipping on certain days for security reasons (packages lingering in sort facilities around holidays pose higher security risks). We believe this grace period is in the customer's best interest, and could potentially impact the 3-day shipping window slightly.


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  3. Gold Demand Trends Q3 2022

    Gold Demand Trends Q3 2022

    Gold demand firmer in Q3

    Healthy Q3, driven by stronger consumer and central bank buying, helped year-to-date demand recover to pre-COVID norms. 

    Gold demand (excluding OTC) in Q3 was 28% higher y-o-y at 1,181t. Year-to-date (y-t-d) demand increased 18% vs the same period in 2021, returning to pre-pandemic levels.

    Jewellery consumption reached a robust 523t, increasing 10% y-o-y despite the deteriorating global economic backdrop. Y-t-d demand is slightly firmer (+2%) at 1,454t. 

    Investment demand (excluding OTC) for Q3 was 47% lower y-o-y at 124t, reflecting weak sentiment among some investor segments. 36% growth in bar and coin investment (to 351t) was insufficient to offset 227t of ETF outflows. OTC demand contracted significantly during the quarter, echoing weak investor sentiment in ETFs and futures markets.

    Central banks  continued to accumulate gold, with purchases estimated at a quarterly record of nearly 400t.

    An 8% y-o-y fall in technology demand reflected a fall in consumer demand for electronics due to the global economic downturn. 

    Total gold supply increased marginally (+1% y-o-y) to 1,215t. A sixth consecutive quarter of y-o-y growth in mine production was partly offset by lower levels of recycling.  


    Year-to-date gold demand resumes its pre-pandemic pace

    Year-to-date gold demand resumes its pre-pandemic pace

    Sources: Metals Focus, Refinitiv GFMS, World Gold Council;

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  4. Gold Demand Trends Q1 2022 - World Gold Council

    Gold Demand Trends Q1 2022 - World Gold Council

    Gold market sees solid start to 2022

    Q1 gold demand was 34% above Q1 2021, driven by strong ETF inflows

    In a quarter that saw the US dollar gold price rise by 8%, gold demand (excluding OTC) increased 34% y-o-y to 1,234t – the highest since Q4 2018 and 19% above the five-year average of 1,039t. 

    The Ukraine invasion and surging inflation were key factors driving both the gold price and demand. 

    Gold ETFs had their strongest quarterly inflows since Q3 2020, fuelled by safe-haven demand. Holdings jumped by 269t, more than reversing the 174t annual net outflow from 2021. 

    Bar and coin investment was 282t in Q1, 20% lower than the very strong Q1’21 but 11% above its five-year quarterly average. Renewed lockdowns in China and historically high local prices in Turkey were key contributors to the y-o-y decline. 

    Jewellery consumption lost momentum in Q1: demand was down 7% y-o-y at 474t. The drop was largely due to softer demand in China and India.

    Central banks added 84t to global official gold reserves during the first quarter. Net buying more than doubled from the previous quarter but fell 29% short of Q1'21.

    The technology sector had a steady start to the year: demand of 82t was the highest for a first quarter since 2018, driven by a modest uptick in gold used in electronics.


    Q1 gold demand increased y-o-y as strong ETF flows offset weaker jewellery and retail investment

    Global quarterly demand by sector*

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  5. Silver Bouncing Around 200 DMA

    Silver Bouncing Around 200 DMA

    Silver remains a slow moving, frustrating long position for metals bulls who have remained steadfast over the past two years while watching base metals, energy, ags, and virtually all other commodities explode in price over the past 18 months. Since the price peak in August of 2020, Silver is down almost 20% while the DBC commodity tracking ETF is up 170%. Let’s take a look at the tape.

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  6. Goldstar Trust Company Expands Partnership with Texas Precious Metals

    GoldStar Trust Company

    GoldStar Trust Company, one of America's largest custodians of self-directed IRAs specializing in precious metals, announces the addition of Texas Precious Metals Depository ("TPMD") as a secure storage location for customers. In conjunction with GoldStar's custodial services, TPMD will complement the retail services provided by Texas Precious Metals to provide turnkey solutions for precious metals IRA investors.

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  7. Gold Breaking out?

    Gold Breaking out?


    It has been awhile since I posted an update on metals, largely because metals have been stuck in quiet consolidation mode until the past week or so. We have been watching falling trend channel resistance on gold for the past six months, and after the double bottom in March around the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement, gold has steadily climbed, recapturing the 200 day moving average for the first time since February 2nd and breaking out above falling resistance of the multi-month bull flag that commenced with the August ’20 peak. Price action looks exceedingly constructive here, with RSI now in overbought territory for the first time in nine months. Bulls want to see price hold the 200 DMA, or at least stay above 1840. There is blue sky to 1965 if it does.


    Gold has been the laggard. Higher beta silver, as well as mining stocks, have led the way. Silver broke the 200 DMA in early April, and has once again hurdled the troublesome 25-27 area. Bulls need silver to hold 28.50 for a retest of 30, which it struck twice in the last nine months. A break of 30 should precipitate a swift move to the 161.8 Fibonacci extension at 35, which coincides with the October 2012 peak.

    Gold Miners

    GDX, the Gold Miner ETF, broker falling resistance on the 4th test back on April 15th, successfully retested, and has pushed its way back to the 61.8 Fibonacci retracement from the August high. Constructively, price has never fallen into oversold territory from the entire move following the March 2020 low – even during this long consolidation period. We are likely to see some digestion of

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  8. Gold Hitting Multiple Support Levels

    Gold Hitting Multiple Support Levels


    For the past month gold has been trading in a range between 1720 and 1780, struggling to make the breakout leap it seemed to promise the first week of the year. Gnawing at bulls is the fact that every other commodity, like copper, gold, zinc, and others, have exploded higher while gold seems stuck on the launch pad.

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  9. KENS-5 News Reviews Texas Precious Metals Depository

    KENS-5 News Reviews Texas Precious Metals Depository

    The most sought-after metals on earth are sitting in a secret underground vault. KENS 5 got rare access inside where up to $5 billion of valuables can be stored.

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  10. Metals Caught in the Middle

    Metals Caught in the Middle


    Metals bulls have been frustrated with repeated attempts to break out of a multi-month bull flag/falling channel. At the turn of the new year, with the presidential election all but behind the country, and with calls for more money-printing and ongoing stimulus, it seemed a given that – like the base metals and energy - gold would break out and follow the inflation narrative to higher prices. And, for three days, that is just what happened, as gold pushed from a 2020 close of $1895 to $1960 in the first three days of the new year, only to sell off hard and fall back below falling trend line support. This was gold’s second pass at $1960, which was the 6.18% Fibonacci retracement from the August high to the November low. As the saying goes, from failed moves come fast moves, and the failed move precipitated a $160 sell-off in a week and a half ($140 of which occurred in the 3 days following the peak). It was a major head fake for bulls and stopped out many traders who bought the breakout. Price also lost the 200-day moving average, which was another warning sign for bulls.

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