Company Holiday Schedule and Shipping Information

The holidays are here again, and we want to communicate a few important scheduling details, including our shipping policies throughout the holidays. During long holiday breaks, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's, we "hold" packages from shipping on certain days for security reasons. Packages lingering in sort facilities around the holidays pose higher security risks. We believe this grace period is in the customer's best interest, and could potentially impact our internal 3-day shipping window slightly:

Monday, November 25th: Normal business hours. Last day to ship for the week.
Tuesday, November 26th: Normal business hours. No shipping.
Wednesday, November 27th: Normal business hours. No shipping.
Thursday, November 28th: Closed
Friday, November 29th: Closed

Week of December 23rd: Normal business hours. No shipping at all the week of the 23rd.
Monday, December 23rd: Normal business hours.
Tuesday, December 24th: Closed at 1pm CST
Wednesday, December 25th: Closed
Thursday, December 26th: Closed
Friday, December 27th: Normal business hours.

December 30th: Normal business hours. Shipping Day.
December 31st: Normal business hours. No Shipping.
January 1st: Closed

As always, online ordering is available 24/7/365.

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