Meet the People of Texas Precious Metals (Video)

Dear TexMetals family,

We are very proud to present you a short video on our company.

One of the most common concerns voiced from prospective clients is the question of company credibility. It is only logical given the nature of our products, our industry, and the large sums of money transacted on a daily basis. Local clients in South Texas have the distinct advantage of being able to visit our offices, meet the staff, and become comfortable with the people with whom they will conduct business. For everyone else, especially first timers living far from our offices, that first order can seem like a leap of faith with a faceless internet company.

To help ease anxiety, and to add a personal dimension to a static website, we put together this brief video to offer folks a perspective on the history of Kaspar Companies and Texas Precious Metals.

3 thoughts on “Meet the People of Texas Precious Metals (Video) ”

  • Daniel

    The very best company I have ever bought metal from. Outstanding people who really care for the customer.

  • Richard & Barbara
    Richard & Barbara August 6, 2014 at 11:15 pm

    I finally got to see Mike Whitten, I have talked to him quite a bit and I hope to make a trip to Shiner to meet him. I really like the way they do business and I recommend them to everyone that tells me they want to buy gold. I think they are the best in the business.

  • James

    Outstanding and easy! Ordered and wired funds on Fri Aug 14 rec'd Tue Aug 18! Thank you Texas metals!!


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