New Shipping Rates Effective January 27th, 2014

Dear TexMetals customers,

In a continual effort to lower costs for our customers, we are excited to announce that we are lowering our threshold for free shipping from $6000 to $5000 effective January, 27th. Among the many reasons for the change is the introduction of the new Texas Silver Round mini-monster box which, barring a large drop in silver prices, will consequently ship for free like other monster boxes.

In addition to this change, we are also eliminating shipping tiers for orders less than $5000 by transitioning to a flat $25 fee for shipping and insurance. We believe this will greatly simplify the billing structure for future orders. Overall, shipping costs are decreasing.

$0-$2499.99: $19.95
$2500.00-$3499.99: $24.95
$3500-$5999.99: $29.95
$6000+: FREE

$0-$4999.99: $25.00
$5000+: FREE

Thank you for your business and continued support!

TPM Team

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