Texas Precious Metals Featured in Shale Magazine Cover Story

We are excited to share this month’s issue of Shale Magazine’s cover story, featuring Doug Kaspar and Kaspar Companies. As a family enterprise, it has been an honor to be recognized as a leading manufacturing company, even though we’re situated in a small town in south Texas with a population of just 2069. We’ve come a long way since August Kaspar hand crafted wire corn shuck baskets and horse muzzles in the late 1800s. We’ve been fortunate to continue to grow and expand into other industries (from steel grille guards, to real estate, to precious metals) and we look forward to what the future holds with our diverse and talented group of people.

We want to thank everyone that has been a part of our family, known as Kaspar Companies. From our hard working employees (some who have been with us for decades), to our loyal clients and customers, we celebrate over 100 years of "doing business the Texas way" with you. Together, we have survived twenty recessions, one depression, two world wars, oil embargos, steel shortages, and twenty presidential administrations, but we have also thrived beyond our expectations. We value and appreciate you and your business!