Dear TexMetals customers:

We have decided to publicize our 2013 sales statistics.


Given the nature of the precious metals industry, heavily dominated by private companies and largely unregulated - for good and for bad - corporate data from the leading national bullion dealers is rarely publicized. By nature, the industry is an insulated and highly competitive marketplace, and dealers generally guard their sales figures with extreme confidentiality. Internally, we have debated at length about the pros and cons of sharing our figures publicly, and concluded that publishing these figures is consistent with our emphasis on corporate transparency - even if that means the competition “knows what we’re doing."

Texas Precious Metals is a young subsidiary of a very old and well-respected manufacturing company founded by my great-grandfather in 1898. Today, TPM is (by nearly all metrics) the fastest growing bullion dealer in America. We wish to extend our sincerest gratitude to the thousands of loyal clients who have entrusted us with their business. Thank you for your advocacy. It was a pleasure doing business with you in 2013!

Jason Kaspar
CEO, Texas Precious Metals