Sigma Metalytics PMV Investor - Precious Metals Verifier

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Condition: New
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Minted by: Other
Mintage: N/A
Face Value: N/A
IRA: Ineligible
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Coins Per Tube: N/A
Purity: N/A
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Sigma Metalyzer PMV InvestorTexas Precious Metals offers bullion investors an accurate way to measure the purity of metal in a bullion bar, coin, or round with the newest Sigma Metalytics Precious Metal Verifier, the PMV Investor. Bullion collectors can obtain peace of mind knowing that the verifier will provide a detailed analysis, ensuring that the bullion they purchased matches the metallic characteristics promised by the manufacturer or mint. The Verifier can be used with a variety of metals and reads the purity of the metal, ignoring coatings or plating. In addition, in most cases, it can analyze through plastic cases and bags to eliminate the need for removing valuable coins from protective packaging.


The Investor gives precious metal buyers the powerful non destructive testing of the PMV PRO in an at-home package. With its adjustable arm, the Investor can accurately read all the way through a range of sample sizes, from 1/10 oz gold pieces to 10 oz silver bars. The small footprint means it's convenient to use at home and on the go at coin shows, shops, or with clients.

Powerful Through Readings
Make sure your pieces are 100% authentic using the Investor's thru readings. The onboard sensor checks all the way through samples, meaning there is nowhere for counterfeits to hide. You can rest easy knowing there are no inserts or bad metals in your coins.

Specific Gravity Testing
Put the calipers away. Using known metal densities and an automatic thickness measurement, the Investor takes the entered weight and calculates the expected size of your sample. Simply compare your coin or bar to the calculated size to ensure it's the right density.

Convenience and Power
The Investor can easily travel with you to shows, auctions, estate sales, shops, and wherever else you might need to authenticate your purchases without sacrificing any power.

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