In 2014, the Dow Jones eclipsed 18,000, the S&P 500 topped 2,000, and commodity prices tumbled. Gold will close the year down YoY ~1%, while silver will close the year down more than 20%. As most Texans lament, oil prices have collapsed more than 50%.

The precious metals market, at large, is estimated to be down 30%-40% in terms of overall revenue, even though silver coin sales ticked up slightly YoY due to falling prices. Precious metals “demand” is a relative term, and can be misleading. Reports of “record” demand in coin sales tend to obfuscate the reality of declining revenue. US Mint Silver Eagle production hit a record 44M coins in 2014, up 3% from the 2013 tally of 42.6M, but certainly not enough production to account for the 20% decline in prices. US Mint Gold Eagle production fell from 743,500 coins in 2013, to 415,500 in 2014.

Texas Precious Metals® will conclude 2014 with revenue of approximately $153M, down from $180M in 2013 (a 15% decline). Sales of gold ounces will increase from 75,112 in 2013 to 75,700+ in 2014. Sales in silver ounces will decline from 2.8M in 2013 to 2.55M+ in 2014. In mid-January we will publish our annual in-depth statistical analysis of sales.

We greatly appreciate our valued customers who have made 2014 a very successful year for the company despite the down year in the industry. Some 2014 highlights below:

Service makes precious metals start-up shine (USA Today)
Success story: Precious metals company grows revenue to $200 million (UPS)
The Gold Standard of Shipping with UPS Proactive Response Secure (UPS Commercial)
Texas Precious Metals and The Perth Mint Partner on Energy-themed Silver Coin (Marketwatch)
Texas Precious Metals Ranked #1 at 10th Annual Aggie 100 (PRWeb)
Business the Texas Way: Texas Company Spins Steel into Gold (Shale Magazine)

Lastly, in January we produced a fun video about the US Debt problem, a video montage featuring some popular movies. Always enjoyable for a smile!

1 x Mexican Gold 20 Peso (.482 ozt), MELT + $25/coin
5 x Mexican Gold 50 Peso (1.2 ozt), MELT + $25/coin
86 x Austrian Coronas (.98 ozt), MELT + $20/coin
1 x Sunshine Mint 1 ozt Gold Bar, SPOT + $20/bar
1 x MS69 First Strike Gold Buffalo, SPOT + $70/coin
11x Gold Buffalo Proofs, SPOT + $85/coin
1 x Gold Buffalo Proofs (out of cardboard box), SPOT + $55/coin
10 x RCM Howling Wolf .99999, SPOT + $50/coin
20 x British Sovereigns (.2354 ozt), MELT + $10/coin

274 x Austrian Silver Philharmonics (backdated), SPOT + $1.75/oz
535 x Canadian Silver Maples (backdated), SPOT + $1.75/oz
9 x Perth Mint Kilo Koala Coins (2013), SPOT + $1.29/oz
43 x Perth Mint 10 oz Kookaburras (2011), SPOT + $1.29/oz
1500 x American Silver Eagles (backdated), SPOT + $2.25/oz
6 x 100 oz Engelhard Bars, SPOT + $0.55/oz

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