Shiner Beer Comes to New York (Video)

Texas Precious Metals is proud of the history and heritage of our sleepy, little town - Shiner, Texas. The rich Czech and German cultures add to the charm of this small dot on the map. What many of our clients know about this town, is that it is also the home of Spoetzl Brewery—maker of Shiner Beer (located almost directly across the street from our office in fact). Many of our clients that come to our offices to pick up their order, do so in order to grab some Shiner Bock or Premium while in town (and possibly catch some polka band music as well). Shiner Brewery is expanding nationally (shipping now to New York) and has produced this commercial which highlights the town of Shiner.

We just have too much beer here to drink it all ourselves! Jimmy Mauric, brew master of Spoetzl Brewery, acts as tour guide in this fun video. We hope that our clients enjoy more than TPM when they come to Shiner. If you come to meet us and pick up an order, don’t hurry back home! Stay a while, have a beer, and experience this well kept secret that is Shiner.