The New TexMetals Website has Launched!

The New TexMetals Website has Launched!

We are excited to announce that, following months of development, we released a major upgrade to our website on August 23rd. Despite a few minor hiccups, the rollover to the new website proceeded without any major disruptions.

Why the change?

We felt the need to enhance our website for several reasons:

1. Enhanced security. Given the sensitivity of the information in our database, we are regularly evaluating methods to enhance the data security and encryption features of our website for the protection of our database. This is an ongoing effort that generally occurs "behind the scenes," but the new website was also launched on a newer version of our operating platform.

2. Mobile experience. Our mobile site traffic has increased from 12% in 2012 to 30% in 2014. We expect that more that half of our visitors will visit the website via mobile platform by 2016. We continue to improve the mobile display features and capabilities for a premier interactive experience, and the new website was designed specifically with mobile use in mind.

3. Retina display. Hardware applications are quickly migrating to retina display technology, offering crisper images and infinite image scalability. Our new website features retina display images which remove the "blur" of digitized images.

We are currently tweaking our layout as we test across multiple browsers and platforms, and we hope to remove any lingering glitches over the coming weeks. We will also soon roll out updates to the category pages and product pages to provide clients with quicker checkout options and enhanced product information. Stay tuned.

P.S. Certain clients using operating platforms such as Windows XP or Windows 2007, which are no longer supported by Microsoft, will have difficulty viewing the website. We strongly encourage these clients to upgrade their systems or download alternate browsers, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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